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Fitness Classes at Lakeside

All About Bibra Lake !
Roe 8 Legal Battle Won But The War Is Not Over Yet


WA’s top judge ruled hat the environmental approval for Roe 8 was invalid.  This has stopped the project immediately until the government works out it's next step.

In a great ruling the Supreme Court has restored the publics faith in the decision making process, pulling the Environment Protection Agency into line.

Chief Justice Wayne Martin found the Environmental Protection Authority ignored its own policies when it recommended that Environment Minister Albert Jacob should let the road go ahead.

Save Beeliar Wetlands raised $50,000 by crowd funding to fight this legal battle.

The ruling determined that EPA policies which say environmental offsets cannot be used to render a plan acceptable where not followed by the EPA The EPA relied upon these offsets to grant permission for the Roe 8 to the government.

“The assessment report is fundamentally inconsistent with, and indeed contrary to, the policy enunciated,” Justice Martin wrote.

“The contrast between the two approaches is so stark as to strongly support an inference that the policy enunciated in those published statements was not taken into account by the EPA in its assessment of the proposal.

“I have concluded the EPA was legally obliged to take account of the policy enunciated in its own published policy.

“I have therefore concluded that the environmental impact assessment undertaken by the EPA was invalid.”

Colin Barnett still insists that this project will go ahead however.  Nothing but nothing will stop this man from seeing this project go ahead.  

Well done to Save Beeliar Wetlands, the local communities, City of Cockburn, City of Fremantle and the Australian justice system.

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We hope you like this website.  The idea behind the website is to provide a central point of information about our beloved Bibra Lake and the issues affecting it.  Have a look around and tell us what you think or what you would like to see on here.  We are always on the look out for snippets of Bibra Lake history.

Working with the Bibra Lake Residents Association we will make sure that the voice of Bibra Lake residents are heard.

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As a 'hub' of information to local events, groups, businesses etc we are looking for contributions and updates.  Please let us know of any issues that you want covering also.     We would welcome comments, suggestions, news articles for your group, contacts for businesses / groups and advice of upcoming events.

We also have a Facebook page established for general advice and event notifications.

If you want to contact us, please send an email to 
The Skate Park Needs You
Bibra Lake Skatepark Revamp

Thanks to the forward thinking of four motivated young boys from Bibra Lake Primary School the Bibra Lake Skatepark Revamp group was launched. The group is committed to lobbying, promoting and creating awareness of the current state of our local facility and to work with our local council , in particular Clr Philip Eva, to obtain the necessary funding to revitalise and bring this facility up to an outstanding standard.  

The Bibra Lake Skate Park on Bibra Drive (Opposite the school) is looking quite tired and low tech.  It is in need of an overhaul and what a great opportunity for the City of Cockburn to invest in the Bibra Lake community.

Time has taken it's toll on the equipment and just like many other suburbs in Cockburn, which have been provided with an upgrade, it would serve our community greatly.  As a community recreation area it will :
  • Provide a safe place to play
  • Engage with kids in a constructive way
  • Allow more involvement through low cost of participation
  • Be safer than skating on the local streets
  • Provide a healthy sport and pastime.
Skateboarding, BMX and Scooter Riding are some of the fastest growing activities in Australia.  Here in Bibra Lake the skate park is one of the most used community equipment and one of the few activities for young people.  This area is always being used by people of all ages and forms a great focus for young people.

If you would love to see an upgrade of the facility, and surrounding space, that will cater for all skill levels and encourages families to come and make use of the area, then please sign the petition that is available at :

  • Bibra Lake Primary School reception
  • Cockburn Central post office
  • Bibra Lake IGA 
A group has been formed to pursue the securing of funding and buy in by the City of Cockburn.  They have engaged with local students and have petitions located at :

They have a Facebook page here with more information and there is an online survey to gauge peoples support and requirements.  The survey can be found here

Alternatively, text ‘SURVEY’ to 0418 930 894 if you would like to receive these links directly to your mobile.

Animal Alert !!
Spring is almost upon us

With spring nearly upon us, it's a good time to start thinking more carefully about snakes and other animals around Bibra Lake.  They are emerging more regularly as the weather warms up.  It comes with the territory of having such wonderful amounts of nature in close proximity.  Have a look at our page written by Paul Iddiols about snakes in the area.  You can find the page here 

There are also newly hatched turtle also like this little guy below who was found nearby

Historic Site
 AWAS historic site of importance to be impacted by Roe 8 ?

The history of the AWAS site can be found here.  

We know of no other AWAS sites in Australia and to lose the potential opportunity to preserve and enhance this piece of history to Roe 8 would be heartbreaking.

The City of Cockburn was asked to list this as a Heritage Site. The Council has enthusiastically taken on this request and have had an independent, historical consultant assess the site and he has recommended its Heritage Site listing.  This has gone to Council and they have voted to approve the site for a very high level of Heritage listing.

It is also interesting that this site is in the electorate of Joe Francis, WA Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.  Joe was previously advised when the site was first located.  But this was before it was recognised that the site was the Regimental Headquarters and housed about 200 women – so it is much larger than our original discovery. This size is important as the construction of the new highway, Roe 8/Perth Freight Link, will destroy the site. We need support in convincing our government that they will be totally destroying and important part of our history. Joe Francis currently supports the building of this highway through the site.  He has been asked to reconsider his view on Roe 8 in line with his duty as Minister for Veteran Affairs.  We await his response.

Local Crime
 Local Police Contact

With what seems to be a greater number of reported incidents and issues it is good to know that we can turn to a number of crime prevention organisations.  The key organisation is of course our Police.  Other services are Cosafe and Neighbourhood Watch.

Check out our page introducing our own dedicated Police contact for Bibra Lake
 City of Cockburn Opposes Roe 8

Read more about it here

Residents Association 

There lots going on with the Bibra Lake Residents Association.  Check out the BLRA page here or have a look at their Facebook page

New newsletter can be found here 

Lakeside Fitness Centre 
Some great new initiatives
Check out the Lakeside Page here for some great new fitness classes for kids and teens and also a special offer for single parents.

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